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I am theeKIDICARUS I've produced with & for Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Geechi Suede, FAMLAY, Nickelus F, etc. My newest project is called Prism Surf. Discover us.

@chloenorgaard #wcw #womancrushwednesday

I want to swim out to it #polsteam #blackandwhite #bandw

Just went to see ol #Polsteam who went and got stuck too far in last night due to the storm 🚢 #ship #bandw #blackandwhite (at Shore Drive)

I don’t talk about what I do, I do what I talk about. #AlphaGirlstv

@PrismSurf - Lone Ranger on the Season Premier of #AlphaGirlstv during a section where @Tokimonsta was Djing in Korea for the first time.

I have a few other beat placements through the show. Pretty nifty!

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gisele bündchen at jil sander spring/summer 1999

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Making of The Mighty Boosh


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Gergő Antal

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Fat Donatello because art.


Super late. Need to go to bed.

Upstate Condo | WAV

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Lines of ink.

This is Virginia Beach for ya High 73 Low 39 … Smh